February: Weather Preparedness and Weather Readiness

April: What's Happening at AARP?

March: The Role of the FBI in Cyber Threats

An active FBI agent will inform us what the FBI will and will not do in investigating cyber related crimes. The presentation will include advice to individuals about how protect themselves from cyber threats.




January: Roadway Lighting and

Driver Safety


Roadway Lighting has long been used as a tool for provide a safe driving environment at night. But how effective is it? How effective is it for an older driver? Research at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute has provide some insight into this question and is shaping the lighting design approaches for the future. Dr. Ronald Gibbons, Director of the Center for Infrastructure Based Safety Systems at The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, will provide insight into the current trends in roadway lighting, the visibility needs for drivers, the changes in vision as the eye ages, and how our roadway lighting can be changed in the future to meet these needs.

This presentation will be video recorded and posted on the chapter website for viewing anytime following the event.







Phil Hysell, Warning Coordination Specialist, at the  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will address our membership and will provide insight to how meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Blacksburg create and disseminate forecasts and warnings. Information about how to be ready, responsive and resilient to significant weather events that impact the New River Valley will also be presented.















May: Combining Socialization and Fitness Technologies to Increase Exercise and Improve Well-Being

France Belanger, the R. B. Pamplin Professor and the Tom & Daisy Byrd Senior Faculty Fellow in the department of Accounting & Information Systems, and Tabitha James, Associate Professor in the department of Business Information Technology of the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech will share their recent research findings regarding fitness technologies effects on exercise and well-being.

AARP Virginia State Director, Jim Dau, will address AARP Blacksburg members and guests. Jim will describe AARP national and state goals and objectives to enable the chapter leadership to maximize its effectiveness by working as a partner with overlapping interests.

June 1

Special Event of AARP Blacksburg Chapter

Arts Across Generations 


Arts Across Generations (AAG), an AARP Blacksburg (http://www.blacksburgaarp.org) initiative.  The program will take place June 1, 2018 in conjunction with Blacksburg’s Art Walk.  The theme for this inaugural program is “The Joy of Life.” The program’s aim is to solicit, jury, display, and celebrate artworks created my multi-generational artists (e.g., a high school student and a grandparent). Each collaborative project should reflect what “The joy of life” means to them. The project can be a single product co-created by multi-generational artists or multiple creations that share a common theme. Artists will have maximum degrees of freedom to create works that reflect their values and align with the theme.

This initiative enacts two core values of the AARP Blacksburg chapter: to view retirement as a time to continue to embrace current passions and learn new ones as well as to provide opportunities for community members across generations to interact in meaningful ways.

The call for art submission will target two audiences:  [1] student artists enrolled in local schools and [2] artists affiliated with organizations/programs that serve older adults (e.g., Lifelong Leaning Institute, Warm Hearth). At least one artist must be a resident of the New River Valley.

Submissions are due April 15 and will be juried prior to the June 1 Art Walk.  All artworks will be showcased at various community venues (e.g., Lyric Theater, restaurants, art galleries, shops). Original artwork will be returned to artists in July 2018.

Please direct comments, questions, feedback to Peter Magolda(magoldpm@me.com) or Wendy Baldwin (wendybburg@gmail.com). 

The application for participation in this event is available here.

Our October member meeting will feature a panel presentation by transportation agencies in the Blacksburg/Christiansburg area. Members will hear how each agency serves senior citizens' transportation needs.
Edd Sewell will explore the power of political cartoons in election campaigns. As background, he will discuss research about the roles played by political cartoons in elections and then move to a focus on political cartoons in the 2018 mid-term election campaigns. Everything you ever wanted to know about visual communications in politics.
November 1 Special Event: Let's Celebrate! 
October: Transportation Options for Blacksburg/Christiansburg





The Third Annual AARP Blacksburg/LLI Social event will celebrate the strong partnership of the two organizations. Ticket for the event are $25 each that provide one glass of wine (or a wine tasting) and appetizers and are available at  http://whitebarrel.com/product/aarp-lli-1_nov_2018/.

November: Unorthodox News: Political Cartoons in Election Campaigns

2018 Programs