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2018 Programs




January: Roadway Lighting and

Driver Safety


Roadway Lighting has long been used as a tool for provide a safe driving environment at night. But how effective is it? How effective is it for an older driver? Research at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute has provide some insight into this question and is shaping the lighting design approaches for the future. Dr. Ronald Gibbons, Director of the Center for Infrastructure Based Safety Systems at The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, will provide insight into the current trends in roadway lighting, the visibility needs for drivers, the changes in vision as the eye ages, and how our roadway lighting can be changed in the future to meet these needs.

This presentation will be video recorded and posted on the chapter website for viewing anytime following the event.


February: Weather Preparedness and Weather Readiness

Phil Hysell with the National Weather Service will address our membership about weather. He will touch on forecasting but will focus his presenation on preparedness. More information available soon.






April: What's Happening at AARP?


AARP Virginia State Director, Jim Dau, will address AARP Blacksburg members and guests. Jim will describe AARP national and state goals and objectives to enable the chapter leadership to maximize its effectiveness by working as a partner with overlapping interests.